Tricon Tool & Supply Inc. was established in 1982 and services Petrochemical, Commercial, and Highway construction projects throughout the United States.

While we continue to do this today, we have added additional capabilities that enable us to support our customers around the world. Tricon's sales staff has an average of over 130 years of experience combined, and is knowledgeable in sourcing and supplying a wide range of products.

Our inventory combined with our purchasing experience from numerous American and international sources allow for immediate delivery to meet our clients needs. We have supplied KBR (Military Logistics Support) for projects in Haiti, Bosnia, Somalia, Kosovo, and Iraq.We currently supply Fluor Intercontinental on the extension of this contract.

Tricon has been successful due to product availability and logistical capabilities that are readily available in our area. We make every effort to locate our clients requirements in order to ensure a timely and cost-effective delivery. We maintain a 24/7 on call policy, with no charges for after hours service, nor do we charge for delivery on local deliveries.